Musician / Producer 

ACID JAZZに影響を受けたギタリストとして楽曲提供やアレンジ/プロデュースも手掛ける。
2008年「WIRE08 (Third Stage)」出演後「Twisted」をリリース。
Crystal Kay、後藤真希、玉置成実、UNICORN等リミックス/プロデュース参加。
EXILE、GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE、E-Girls、今市隆二、EXILE SHOKICHI、THE SECOND from EXILE、椎名林檎、山下智久等の作品や、後藤真希アコースティックライブのサポートなどに参加。

Oddity is a guitarist / seamless creator / musician of house/techno music and J-pop. He harnesses the twisted sound and bleepy tracks that symbolise the contemporary rock sound, adding his own catchy sound and groove to deliver his signature style. His music career enjoys strength and depth through producing, arranging and supplying tunes as a guitarist influenced by acid jazz and soul , funk.